About Us

We are solution providers to our seller partners as quite often there is no natural outlet / owner for assets we pursue. Shedding these assets allows investors and managers to focus efforts on more accretive activities and recycle proceeds into higher yielding opportunities.

Investment Characteristics

Opportunistically, we acquire assets that at this point in their life cycle are of little economic benefit to the fund or the firm and have at least one of the following characteristics:

Small Dollar Value

Less than $2M in line item value or NAV or future cash flows

Expensive to Manage

No longer worth the time once you consider the fully loaded costs – asset management, entities, legal, finance, etc. of the platform

Long Tail Assets

The firm has been in the asset for 9/10/11+ years…or more

Zero Value / Tax Write-Off

Assets you have written off for a variety of reasons or the tax write-off is worth more than the liquidation value

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    As investors in illiquid assets for more than 20 years we have seen a lot and can quickly price your situation. Call us – we can help.


    Small dollar value
    Long tail assets
    Expensive to manage
    Zero value/tax write off


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